Try unchecking that option, restarting your iMac, then going back and checking the option to see if the Airplay icon will appear in your top status/menu bar. To setup the DisplayLink driver to use AirPlay: Du verwendest einen veralteten Browser. Below you can see how it works with YouTube. How To Add Playback Effects To a Live Photo, How To Use the Workout App on an Apple Watch, AirPlay photos and videos from any iOS device (using iOS 5 or later) to your 2nd generation or later AppleTV, AirPlay music from any iOS device (using iOS 5 or later) to your Apple TV, Some apps do not support AirPlay, so first check the app description or website for details on AirPlay support, AirPlay Mirroring requires iOS 5 or later, AppleTV must use version 5.0 or later software, 2nd generation AppleTV required for photos and videos. This icon only appears when an AirPlay-enabled device is on the same Wi-Fi network. Ich hänge mich hier mal ran, gibt es mittlerweile eine Lösung? Now, however, El Capitan lets you send YouTube videos right from within Safari (Chrome users are out of luck). Bei mir wird der Raspi mit Openelec/Kodi in iTunes über Airplay erkannt, Ähm, genau so soll es doch auch sein ... Systemeinstellungen - Ton oder durch Alt-Mausklick auf den Lautsprecher in der Menüzeile. This icon only appears when an AirPlay-enabled device is on the same Wi-Fi network. Click the Apple TV icon. Für eine bessere Darstellung aktiviere bitte JavaScript in deinem Browser, bevor du fortfährst. ...schliesse mich mal an. Apple's latest update to OS X, El Capitan, takes its quirky name from a vertical rock formation in Yosemite National Park. On an iPhone 6s and earlier, iPad, or iPod touch: Press and hold both the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons for at least ten seconds, until you see the Apple logo. OS X automatically detects an Apple TV when it’s on the same network, and displays the AirPlay icon in the Mac’s menu bar. How to fix…, How to backup your iPhone or iPad photos to an…, How to cancel automatic billing: auto-renewing subscriptions, Fix: Mac Time Machine Not Deleting Old Backups, Fix: App Is Damaged and Cannot Be Opened on Mac. Es ist möglich, dass diese oder andere Websites nicht korrekt angezeigt werden. For details about your Mac model, click the Apple icon at the top left of your screen, choose About This Mac, then choose More Info. This release supports one extended display using Apple AirPlay. OS X 10.11 El Capitan, released on September 30, 2015, is the next iteration of OS X, building on the features and design changes introduced with OS X Yosemite. As you can imagine, this is infuriating as it means you need to tediously navigate through the drop down menu to find a specific location, wasting precious time (which could be better off surfing Facebook or playing Clash of Clans; I refuse to deny nor confirm such claims).. Anyways, it appears I’m not alone in suffering from this bug, found in OS X El Capitan and earlier versions too. Sound Issues? ... was still missing a few key features. Unfortunately, this is a temporary fix, when you restart or shut down your computer, this problem returns, and you have to repeat the steps above. It is clear that Airplay is integrated deep into the operating system. Apple: Missing lock icon in System Preferences->Sharing on El CapitanHelpful? You can quickly mute audio without hunting for the tab it’s coming from. To check what Mac you own and operating system you use, click the Apple icon and go to 'About this Mac' and choose the 'More Info' button. This never happened before I upgraded to El Capitan. With OS X El Capitan, the best browser for your Mac brings new tools for better surfing. Now Safari lets you keep favourite websites open and accessible with Pinned Sites. Why? Konnte bisher auch Airplay-Geräte als Audioausgabe wählen (Alt-Klick auf den Lautsprecher im Menü). Das streamen von Musik funktioniert jedoch nach wie vor tadellos. Taking Photo But iPhone Says Storage is Full? OS X El Capitan promises to refine and advance everything that made OS X Yosemite great, and fix everything that made it not-so-great. Update the version of the macOS running on your Mac. Note your Mac must support AirPlayfor this solution to work. ... You’ll see a new option just to the left of the Full Screen icon: AirPlay. For macOS 10.14 onwards, v5.x or later software should be used, which restores multiple extended display support, without needing to use AirPlay. JavaScript ist deaktiviert. In this tutorial we will look at a couple different ways of hiding desktop icons on Mac OSX. im Einsatz). Open iTunes on your computer. To use Siri to play and control video on a smart TV, you need an AirPlay 2-compatible smart TV that supports HomeKit. To the right of the volume slider in iTunes, click. Lediglich über die Systemeinstellung TON kann ich den jeweiligen Ausgabelautsprecher wählen. Take a Look at AirPlay and Bluetooth Settings, How to fix Apple Music not working on iPhone / iPad, iOS 13 or iPadOS problems and how to fix them -…. Hallo, seit dem Update auf El Capitan funktioniert die AirPlay Funktion zwischen meinem Macbook Pro (Mid 2012) und meinem Apple TV 2 nicht mehr. It already works with video services such as YouTube and Vimeo. Do Third-Party Camera Apps Work On iPhone? To the right of the volume slider in iTunes, click. Turn AirPlay Off (System Preferences > Displays > AirPlay Display > Off) then wait 20-30 seconds and turn it back ON. Check your Mac's firewall settings. Bei mir wird der Raspi mit Openelec/Kodi in iTunes über Airplay erkannt (Habe hier einen Dovado Router z.Zt. On an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus: Press and hold both the Sleep/Wake and Volume Down buttons for at least ten seconds, until you see the Apple logo. FlatpanelsHD has taken a closer look with the public beta of OS X El Capitan. And use AirPlay to stream video … Das Symbol in der Menüleiste wird angezeigt aber dort steht "AirPlay: Aus" und die Wahl der Systemeinstellung ist … Has Your AppleTV Not Been Used in a While? I have the same issue as olive yang. HomeKit isn't supported on Samsung smart TVs. Specifically, readers report that their Mail app keeps crashing with El Capitan. It appears that the newer (post-2012) Macbooks running El Capitan seem to be doing well. Only Macs from 2011 and recent are able to support Airplay streaming and only 2 nd-gen or later Apple TVs. We go hands-on with the first beta to tell you how well it delivers! Erst wenn ich das "Originale Apple-Airplay" der Airport-Express aktiviere, erkennt er die Airport und auch Kodi. If you can’t wait till this fall for El Capitan to get this feature, or you have an unsupported Mac you can check out AirParrot 2 for Mac that features media streaming and … These Mac models are compatible with OS X El Capitan: MacBook (Early 2015) MacBook (Late 2008 Aluminum, or Early 2009 or newer) MacBook Pro (Mid/Late 2007 or newer) MacBook Air (Late 2008 or newer) The OS X El Capitan version aims to fix that. El Capitan, Fenster öffnen mit Apfel + o geht nur ab zwei Ordner gleichzeitig. Tips, How To Fix Messages and iMessage Problems in iOS 11, FaceTime Not Working in iOS 11, How-To Fix, Sidecar not working in iPadOS and macOS? Connect your computer and your Apple TV to the same Wi-Fi network. However, a few users point out that they have some challenges using the Mail App on their Macs after the upgrade to El Capitan. You can stream only audio from Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD using AirPlay. Make sure that all devices (iOS, macOS, and Apple TV) are up-to-date with their operating software and firmware, Select Settings > System > Software Updates > Update Software (4th gen), Settings > General > Update Software (3rd gen or earlier), Click the download button and follow the onscreen instructions to begin your upgrade, Take a look at your WiFi router and see if any update is available for that too, Connect to the same WiFi network on your iDevice or computer, If using Ethernet, connect both devices to the same router or hub, On AppleTV, Turn AirPlay off and on again, Turn off Bluetooth off and on again for your iDevice or mac, For Mac: Go to System Preferences and select Bluetooth, iOS: press and hold the power button for a few seconds then slide the red slider, macOS: go to Apple Logo  and select Restart, Settings > General > Restart (3rd gen and earlier), OR Press and hold the Menu + Down buttons for minimum 6 seconds. Kaip ištaisyti trūkstamą "AirPlay" piktogramą "iPhone" ir "iPod touch" „AirPlay“ yra integruota „iOS“ (operacinė sistema, veikianti „iPhone“ ir „iPod touch“) funkcija, todėl jums nereikia nieko diegti, kad galėtumėte naudotis ja, ir jos negalima pašalinti. Older Macs cannot stream Airplay videos due to some mirroring restrictions. Comprehensive Guide to…, iPhone AirPods Disconnecting Calls? "Apowersoft Audio Device" lässt sich nicht deinstallieren, El Capitan lässt sich nicht mehr installieren. Notice the small Airplay icon in … If the AirPlay icon is missing from your Mac, try these steps to get it back: Try steps 1-3, and 8, from the iPhone section of this article. Finally, choose the “Apply” button to set your network changes * If you’re not sure what DNS to use, you can find the fastest DNS servers for your situation with a benchmarking utility.Typically the fastest servers are Google DNS and OpenDNS, but results may vary per region. Fix Message App Problems, Who's Afraid of Losing Data? I have an AirPlay icon available but do not have the an Airplay option to choose in order to connect to my ATV 2. Additionally, if Music app is started and Airplay icon clicked, all Airplay devices show there. Some third-party speakers might require a firmware update to support AirPlay 2 streaming. ... Quiet time, extensions, and AirPlay. If you don’t see the AirPlay menu, go to Apple menu → System Preferences, click Displays and choose “Show mirroring options in the menu bar when available”. See if AirPlay now works. AirPlay support in Safari 9 brings this features to the Apple TV. Hab es gerade nochmal probiert .... und siehe da, ich kann den Airplay-Lautsprecher jetzt auswählen. Apple TV: unplug your device from the power source for minimum thirty seconds, then plug it in again, Your WiFi router (follow your manufacturer’s instructions). Externe Apple SSD lässt sich nicht löschen. Im Macbook wird seit El Capitan unter dem Airplay Icon in der Menueleiste kein Ausgangsgerät (ATV) aufgeführt und es steht „ Airplay aus“ iPhone und iPad unter iOS 9.01 streamen nur den Ton eines gewählten Films auf ein gejailbreakten (aFlashTV) ATV2 . Connect your computer and your Apple TV to the same Wi-Fi network. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. Just click the AirPlay icon that appears on compatible web videos and you can watch your video on the big screen. Hab es jetzt nochmal nachvollziehen können: Mein Kodi-Airplay erkennt der Mac nicht wenn es "allein" im Netz ist. Die Verbindung Macbook - Kodi (14.2) funktioniert nur noch über iTunes, aber nicht mehr als Ausgabegerät... Du musst dich einloggen oder registrieren, um hier zu antworten. OS X El Capitan won't install on these two MacBook Pros (8,1). Fixing Wi-Fi Issues in OS X El Capitan. The Definitive Guide to iCloud Photos (2020 update), How to transfer your photos from iCloud Photos to…, iMessage Not Working iOS 12? In der Symbolleiste ist Airplay auch "aus", aber ich denke das ist OK so. To switch Airplay on and off, go to System Preferences > Displays and uncheck (or check) the checkbox to “Display mirroring options in the menu bar when available”. Es dauert aber ziemlich lange, bis dieser nach dem Einschalten vom Mac erkannt wird.

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